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I provide consultancy services, sales and agency services in the area of renewable energy and electrical storage - How can I support you?




About me


There is nothing more exciting than rebuilding and advancing a business!

25 years experience: living and working on four continents have shaped me.

Hands-on: Analysis and strategy are imperative, but success comes only through consistent implementation.

Consequent: Deciding for something also means doing something else later or not at all.

I am an international entrepreneur and executive: As an Master of Science in electrical engineering I have a sound technology basis. My interest in business administration led me right from the start of my career to the business side. Sales and project management for huge international projects, often with volumens in the hundreds of millions of EUR, were my main campus of fostering.

Since 2009 I have held service, EPC and general management positions in the photovoltaic industry: first at the Siemens Energy in the USA and Germany, then as CSO for IBC SOLAR AG and as Managing Director Europe in a US start-up.

International project business

International business with America, Australia, Africa and Europe for 25 years. Initiation and negotiation of contracts in the hundreds of millions.

Project Management

Certified and proven in projects: from software to quotations and trade fairs to turnkey PV systems worth over 100 million euros.

Solar wholesale

Board member for sales and technology at IBC Solar AG. Three-tier sales with warehousing, turnover over 200 million euros.

Service and maintenance

Maintenance concepts for PV systems: preventive, corrective, condition-based. Fault conditions and failure scenarios.


In 2000, internet marketplace startup for industrial automation. Since 2017, co-founder of a venture capital funded Silicon Valley startup for PV. Multiple successful rounds of capitalization.


From inverter level monitoring to satellite assisted digital twins to AI based analytics based on highly accurate string or module data. Data as capital.

Go 2 Market

Segmentation strategies, targeting customer groups, return on investment calculations.

Operations Management

Technical and commercial management of a 565kWp rooftop system with east-west orientation in Germany.

Project Development

Project development in Germany and Spain. EEG, open space tendering procedures. Co-development contracts with international investors for hundreds of MW. Procurement of existing portfolios.

Inventory Optimization

In case of missing power in PV plants: technical measurement, analysis and optimization solutions in case of string mismatch and/or temperature gradients.


General Management

  • Leadership
  • Planning, Development and Management
  • Strategy


  • Project development
  • Technical Project Engineering and Commercial Viability
  • Service: Operation and Maintenance

Customer Management

  • Market Segmentation and Sales Planning
  • Performing and Controlling of Sales Measures
  • Evaluating and Initiating Co-operations
  • Lobbying